SEO Marketing – Why DESIGN is not enough?

SEO Marketing – October 08, 2020 ~ by Kevin H.

Is Design the End?

Clients often ask us; how important is SEO Marketing? Just having a beautifully designed website will not be enough to have people find your site on search engines such as Google. The content/copy of your website is important to the organic ranking and search result of your website. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. With correct keywords implemented into a website, it becomes more relevant for search queries and appears higher in search results.

Don’t Just Make Your Website Look Good

Don’t get trapped by the web design alone! Although a well-designed website is essential, it will not help people find your website.  Therefore, what do you need to know about SEO Marketing or in technical terms “on-page SEO” to make sure people have the best chance of finding your website?

SEO Marketing As You Go

It’s easier to build SEO into your web design as you go rather than implementing it at a later stage. Don’t be afraid to ask and check with your website build team about SEO, it’s surprising how many website designers don’t implement correct on-page SEO as they design. The fact is, SEO Marketing is a craft in itself, just like web design. All professional web development agencies should have a specialist for on-page SEO. If you have to implement SEO into your website at a later stage, it’s going to financially cost more and be a headache. Whole website pages might need redesigning, so it is best to implement SEO at the start to eliminate having to redo the website. Make sure that your web development agency includes technical SEO language in the contract for the build.

Audience Intent

Search engines such as Google are powerful channels with high buyer intent. Therefore, people searching are looking to know or buy something at that moment, they are ready to take action! With correct SEO Marketing, websites can take advantage of this high intent traffic and ensure specific search queries find the website. Embedding high intent keywords into the context of the website improve this. Essentially telling Google “this site has what you are looking for”! The more relevant the context of the website is to the search query, the higher chance your website will be found. The key is to know and use specific high intent keywords. These must be relevant to your industry within your on-page SEO to lead traffic to your website.The importance of SEO web design is quickly realized when the basic functionality of on-page SEO is understood. Especially the correct selection and use of high intent keywords for the copy.

Rank High with SEO Marketing

A website that can be found organically and hold visitors’ attention with beautiful design should be the first goal of a good website. Unfortunately, unless you are on page one of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you are not going to get a lot of traffic. 75% of page clicks are given to sites ranking on the first page of results. To have a high performing website, you need to rank on page one. This all comes down to SEO. Design and SEO need to be married together!  A balanced bond, both are equally important to the success and performance of a website.

Long Answer Short

The short answer to “the importance of SEO Marketing” is that web design on its own is simply a waste of resources (money & time) if not accompanied by SEO. Maximize the opportunity to capture high intent search engine queries with correct on-page wording.

Take Aways

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